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Heavenly Hills Harvest Farm is located in the verdant Yakima Valley of Eastern Washington State devoted to sustainable farming, restoring wildlife habitat, reviving life skills known to previous generations, and caring for the natural environment.

A few words from our staff… 

Nick Wagner – 2011

My time on the farm was a great learning experience. I had very little prior gardening experience, but Merritt was able to teach me all aspects of growing and selling organic produce. I also learned about habitat restoration through the work she was doing with the NRCS – one of the first things I did upon arriving at the farm was to take soil samples to be sent in for analysis. The work was hard, but I was glad to do it just to be outside in the sunshine surrounded by plants and buzzing insects. This experience of connecting to the ecosystem that produced my food inspired me to learn more after my farm internship, including taking a Permaculture Designers certification course and pursuing a degree in environmental landscape management and habitat restoration.

Becca Landis 2012

My time at Heavenly Hills Harvest was life changing. The farm quickly came to feel like home, where I was able learn and grow both personally and professionally. I was challenged physically and mentally with projects around the farm, but every day was filled with laughs. Merritt is passionate about what she is building and growing, and that definitely rubs off. Any curiosity I may have had, she countered with an anecdote or book for me! The farm is a gem nestled in the hills of eastern Washington. It is perfectly situated to explore all Washington has to offer, and I fell in love with the state in a very short amount time. Being immersed in farm life every day reconnected me with the provenance of food, and I never shied away from trying a new vegetable in the field or recipe in the kitchen. I am now in graduate school pursuing a career in local food and farming, and I would never have gotten here if it wasn’t for the direction, confidence, and skills I gained at Heavenly Hills Harvest.

Lauren Dever – 2013

My time at Heavenly Hills was a great experience.  I had the opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills—milking a goat, flooring a barn, and drywalling—in addition to organic farming practices.  The days were wonderfully diverse, and though I worked hard every day, it was not drudgery.  I might spend a day painting the chicken coop, harvesting for the CSA, leading a summer program for kids, or baking zucchini bread.  This experience taught me the nuts and bolts of running a farm and a CSA.  Both life experience and knowledge (via books and articles) are necessary for growing crops successfully.  And proper planning and marketing is essential for connecting the product with the customer.  I learned these skills throughout the internship.

Merritt was an excellent mentor.  She is knowledgeable not only on organic farming, but also cooking, carpentry, and nutrition.  Her dedication to the farm’s mission—giving people access to good food—is infectious.  She created an environment where questions and suggestions were welcome.  This openness helped me find my own passion, not in growing food but in teaching others.  I will leave this internship knowing that the determination and work ethic I learned at Heavenly Hills Harvest will serve me well, whatever I pursue.


A year ago today I posted a photo from the day I moved to the farm, spending the next 7.5 months. Along with meeting so many new people, the opportunity was one of the best experiences of my life! I would not be where I am today without it. A huge thank you to Merritt for being the best teacher in all things farming and allowing us to learn first hand. Never enough words to say thank you and to explain what the experience meant to me! Now here I am a year later on my own farm, transplanting tomatoes, planting peas, and caring for goats who got out and ate too much grain during the storm yesterday! One year makes a huge difference and I can honestly say this past year was probably my favorite year of my life! Thank you again Merritt for everything! Time on the farm was an experience of a lifetime and I will always be thankful for every day you poured into us! Here’s to year two of farming!

2016 learning opportunities will include development and implementation of additional agritourism programs.  Interested?  Contact us for more information!